New Google Mobile Services

New Google Mobile Services


Google has added two new local services for mobile users to access info such as local business listings and interactive street maps for XHMTL-enabled cellphones.

When you reach the Google Mobile site you can enter what you want to find out in the “What” box and the location in the “Where” box and Google will work its magic. For instance, straight from the press release, “if users enter the query “wifi hotspot” in the “What” search box and “90266” in the “Where” search box, they will receive Google Local results of wifi hotspots in Manhattan Beach, California.”

In addition, you can also receive turn-by-turn directions by sending your origin and destination to Google SMS 46645 (GOOGL). For instance, enter ‘from jfk to 50 broadway new york’ and you will receive a complete list of directions straight on your mobile via SMS.

Basically, if I was asked to sum their services up in one line- Google rocks!

To access Google’s local service on your mobile phone, enter the URL