Free Wifi Scanning Tool from eEye

Free Wifi Scanning Tool from eEye


eEye Digital Security has released several free tools for WiFi scanning to ensure your network remains secure. The eEye Retina WiFI does not scan your eye, but it does scan the area and detects the presence of wireless devices located within a network or connected wirelessly to the network. This is a great tool to detect rogue mobile devices and transmitting laptops.

“As wireless links can pose a tremendous security risk, detecting unauthorized and possibly unsecured wireless links is a must,” said Frank Darden, chief technology officer, Mission Critical Systems Inc. “With its ability to reveal the status and parameters of wireless devices on the network, eEye’s Retina WiFi Scanner enables our company to ensure our customers’ networks are secure.”

The Retina WiFi discovery scanner is free to download and can run on a standard Windows PC or Pocket PC (Pocket PC version will be available by the end of this week).