HP to Sell Branded iPod Photo

HP to Sell Branded iPod Photo


HP has announced two new additions to their iPod lineup. The new music players are essentially two new HP branded iPod photo units, one 30 GB, and one 60 GB. Nothing new and exciting to report on the iPod, everyone knows what they are about.

In addition to the new iPods, HP is offering Printable Tattoos to customize your iPod. You can pick from either an existing design or print your own at home on the ultra-thin durable and water-resistant paper. You should be able to grab a 10-pack of the printable pre-cut paper from HP’s website soon for $15 US.

You can expect to see the new HP iPods on shelves and online from HP soon. They are priced at $349 for the 30GB and $449 for the 60GB. HP will still offer the 20GB iPod monochrome for $299, with no word on the 40GB.