EMF Harmonization Chip another Hoax?

EMF Harmonization Chip another Hoax?


Another chip claiming to protect cell phone users from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) has been released today. The BIOPRO EMF-Harmonization Chip claims to neutralize harmful EMF waves by reprogramming or neutralizing them before they reach your body.

Specific Absorption Rates (SARS) are a common problem with cellphone use, especially among children aged 12 and under. Everyone who has used a cellphone for a lengthy period of time can tell that it has warmed up their hand or face. I don’t understand how a chip can block heat absorption, but the BIOPRO Harmonization Chip was put to the test by an independent study from Research Institute for Vital Energetics Germany who claims it does just that.

I did a bit of googling and could not find any information on this “Research Institute for Vital Energetics Germany” other than their relationship to BIOPRO. If the Neuro Diagnostic Research Institute can confirm the BIOPRO test results, it should be breaking news.

I hope no one is trying to pull our leg again, I still think the only solution to protect yourself against EMF is not to use EMF devices! If you think otherwise please let us know.