Sony patents real-life ‘Matrix’

Sony patents real-life ‘Matrix’


Sony has managed to patent an idea for transmitting data directly into a persons brain using ultrasound, the pulses will enable a person to see movies and play video games where they can taste, smell and even feel things. I hope they don’t introduce a Quake Real-Life version, the last thing I want to feel is getting a hook in me and having someone spin around with a chain gun.

The idea of having a virtual reality Matrix is nothing new. I think there was a movie on it back in 1999 called The Matrix, I could be wrong. The idea even goes back to the 1500’s with French philosopher Descartes.

Sony assures us their technique would be non-invasive and will not use brain implants or other surgery to manipulate the brain.

Although it can be pawned at first as a pleasure device for fun and games, In the world we live in today I can’t see any good coming out of a technology or device such as this. The last thing we need is another way to seperate ourselves from reality.