Octave Multipod 5-in-1 Gadget

Octave Multipod 5-in-1 Gadget


All-in-one devices are ever so popular these days, companies continuously create new devices to solve all our problems and allow our pockets to feel a tad lighter. Octave Systems has released a 5-in-1 device called the Multipod, it is capable of snapping pictures, recording video and audio, working as a webcam and saving your data.

The internal memory is limited to 128MB, it is possible that Octave will release larger size models in the future. As it stands now, with 128MB you can store; 6 minutes of video at 640×480 or 12 minutes at 320×240, 2000 photos at 640×480 or 4300 at 320×240, 200 minutes of audio at 11kHz but the battery will only last you 55 minutes. The lens has a focal length of 4.5 mm and aperture of 2.8mm.

Sample videos and photos are available on Octave’s website, it seems to do what it says and at this size the convenience of having such a tiny gadget in case somethings comes up is great. You can pick one up on Amazon for $149.