Wi-Fi PCI Express Chipset on the way

Wi-Fi PCI Express Chipset on the way


Broadcom today announced the first Wi-Fi chipset that supports the PCI Express bus architecture. The BCM4311 is a PCI Express enabled 802.11a/g baseband processor with an integrated media access controller (MAC). Its all-CMOS design and high level of chip integration enable a cost-effective Wi-Fi solution.

PCI Express will allow for PC manufactures to build next-generation wireless notebooks, printers and almost any other device that would take advantage of it’s high-speed bus architecture.

The new chip will offer all the benefits of the PCI Express bus architecture and the range of 54g solutions allowing devices to stay connected at distances up to 50 percent farther from WiFi routers than previous solutions. Enhanced performance and security with SecureEasySetup technology, this allows users to configure their Wi-Fi networks and activate WPA security with the push of a button.

Also with the 125 High Speed Mode, a popular industry performance enhancement, will deliver up to 40 percent greater throughput than typical 802.11g or 802.11a/g systems.

Broadcom is sampling the chip to manufacturers now, products using this technology should be out later this year.