Sanyo SCP-200 Mobile Speakerphone on Sprint

Sanyo SCP-200 Mobile Speakerphone on Sprint


Sprint PCS has announced today that they now offer the Sanyo SCP-200 PCS phone with high-quality speakerphone for open or closed hands-free operations.

Available in Silver, Deep Blue and Pink Fusion, the SCP-200 will sell for $169.00 or $19.99 after rebate. Dual-band and tri-mode support allow for roaming off the Sprint PCS network, 2-way SMS text messaging features T9 text input allows you to compose messages easier and faster with prediction text input using the phone’s built-in dictionary. The battery life is rated at up to 3.25 hours of continuous digital talk time or 1.75 hours of continuous analog talk time.

A great safety feature is the E911 emergency location capability; it allows an embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) chip to send location information in emergency situations.