WIPI on the Way

WIPI on the Way


The Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability (WIPI), will be mandated starting April 1st in Korea by the Ministry of Information and Communications. WIPI was designed to create a standard wireless Internet platform to ease the development of content between different developers.

Most of the new handsets being released already support WIPI, but in the past cell phone manufacturers used different platforms that became a burden to developers who had to invest in multiple development platforms to support everyone. The adoption of WIPI will not create a complete interoperability of content between all of Korea’s wireless providers, however it will reduce the time to bring everyone up to the standard.

Korea’s Ministry of Information and Communications tried to get the US government to adopt WIPI earlier but they refused, mainly due to America’s tie to mobile phone chipmaker Qualcomm who triggered a trade conflict with Korea. The US promised that Qualcomm will make the BREW platform meet WIPI standards.

WIPI 2.0 was adopted by the Korea Wireless Internet Standardization Forum just over a year ago, as of February 2005, some 3 million WIPI-based mobile phones have been distributed by wireless carriers like SK Telecom and KTF.