Sony PSP Gets Synced with Macs

Sony PSP Gets Synced with Macs


PocketMac for PSP is the first tool to sync your Sony Playstation Portable device to your Macintosh computer, it has been under development for the past 4 months from Information Appliance Associates. With PocketMac, users can sync their contacts, music, photos and more. The software converts the contact information into a compact digital image, it can then be displayed on your PSP display for easy access when traveling. It will also sync data from Microsoft Entourage and Apple’s OS X Address Book. Music files will sync with iTunes and your Photos will sync with iPhoto, the data synced with USB or through memory stick technology.

Terence Goggin, CTO of Information Appliance Associates says “With PocketMac for PSP, Mac users can do more than PC users can. With the unique patent-pending ability to sync contacts to their PSP, music from iTunes and pictures from iPhoto, there’s nothing a Mac-based PSP user can’t do.”

PocketMac for PSP is selling now for $9.95.