Toshiba Develops Advanced Battery Charging Technology

Toshiba Develops Advanced Battery Charging Technology


Toshiba, who recently acquired a Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest DMFC cell, has improved on its Lithium Ion battery technology enabling batteries to obtain 80% of their charge in around a minute.

The technology uses nanoparticles which aid in the rapid disassembly of organic electrolytes. Not only do they speed up charge time, but they also aid in reducing the loss of capacity over extended use. In tests of 1000 charges, the decrease in battery capacity was around a mere 1%.

Toshiba says they expect to commercialize the technology in 2006 but have yet to indicate if the price of batteries will change compared to the current pricing.

We have seen many claims to improving battery charge time and capacity in the past from companies such as NEC and Altair, but have yet to seen them hit the streets.