Samsung’s new File Viewing Remote Controlling Phones

Samsung’s new File Viewing Remote Controlling Phones


Samsung has introduced two phones today, models SPH-V6500 and SCH-V650, that can view files directly on the handset. Documents such as Microsoft Word/Excel, PDF, JPG and TXT files can be viewed directly on the LCD after being downloaded from your PC or e-mail attachments. This isn’t exactly new technology as we have seen it on many mobile devices already on the market.

The feature that caught my attention was the ability to use the handset as a remote control. The universal remote function lets you control home appliances including the air conditioner, PC, game console, TV, DVD, VCR and even the automobile. Couch potatoes unite!

The phone will also have a 1.3 megapixel camera, S-Mark certified anti-bacterial silver nano-particle coating, and a 16 million-color LCD.