Mio136 Compact GPS measures under 6-inches

Mio136 Compact GPS measures under 6-inches


Mio has set out to deliver one the most compact GPS navigation solutions for North American travelers. Their new Mio136 CE .NET Pocket PC integrates a GPS receiver, MP3 Player and expandable SD/MMC slot all measuring under 4.72-inches.

The software on the Mio136 wasn’t reported in the announcement, more than likely it’s a stripped down version of the MioMap CE Version 1.0 based on Navigon’s Personal Navigator 4.2. Both the Mio268 and Mio269 use MioMap 1.0, they offer 2D, 3D and a new Birds Eye View. I hope Navigon or Mio release the software for separate purchase, I have been looking for a CE .NET based GPS program for some time and haven’t come across anything in a consumer price range that looked acceptable.

See press release below.

New Palm Sized GPS Navigation System from Mio
Is an Affordable Aftermarket Solution for Automobile Owners without Costly GPS Systems

New Device Doubles as an MP3 Player and Tour Guide with Millions of Points of Interests

Mio Technology Ltd., a leading worldwide vender of GPS Pocket PC‚s, today introduced the Mio136 GPS navigation system to North America as part of a worldwide launch. The new device is a straightforward, easy-to-use GPS navigation system combined with an extensive street atlas of the North American continent and Hawaii in a sleek silver palm-sized chassis. Incurring no setup fees or monthly charges and reasonably priced, the Mio136 is a perfect aftermarket option for automobile owners without today‚s expensive built-in GPS systems, yet is ideal for those who are on-the-go or on foot as well.

Straight out of the box and no installation, the Mio136 GPS navigation system is easy to use and is a practical solution for today‚s owners of automobiles without a built-in GPS navigation system. The unit is „instant on‰ powered by an Intel 300Mhz CPU and provides both visual and verbal directions to the user‚s destination with over a million points of interest (POI) using an extra sensitive GPS receiver and maps stored on the included 256 MB SD/MMC storage card. Simply selecting the user‚s preprogrammed destinations, such as the office, home or customer, the user can get directions from any location to that destination in a simple click.

On foot or getting into a car, getting around in unfamiliar areas or finding alternative routes due to changing circumstances or conditions couldn‚t be easier. Maps are displayed in landscape view on a 3.5‰ TFT touch screen LCD and in 2D or 3D. In 3D view, users have a safer and better grasp of what lies ahead, see landmarks, road conditions and POI as compared to moving along a 2-dimensional map. If the user misses a turn, exit or cannot make a transition in time, the Mio136 automatically recalculates the route and delivers new directions in real-time. Other features include route and trip planning, an easy-to-use interface with large onscreen icons and hot keys/buttons, free North American map on CD-ROM and an excellent MP3 media player with an SD/MMC expansion slot.

Keeping things simple and easy, maps are easily loaded on the SD/MMC storage card. Users simply plug the card into the USB adaptor, select the region they want on the CD-ROM and transfer it to the card. The card and the map are then simply inserted into the memory slot of the Mio136. By using a larger SD/MMC storage card, users can add additional regions.

Price and Availability

No extra accessories needed. Right from the box, the Mio136 comes complete with everything needed to mount in an automobile: AC charger, 12 Volt charger, USB cables, 256 MB SD/MMC card, SD/MMC card reader, modern protective case, head phones, mounting bracket and arm. The MSRP for the standard Mio136 is $499. In the United States and Canada, the Mio136 is available through partnerships found on the World Wide Web at: http://www.miogps.com/where2buy.htm.