Toshiba Satellite R15 Tablet PC

Toshiba Satellite R15 Tablet PC


Toshiba has announced an upgrade to their line of convertible laptops, the Satellite R15. The R15 features a large 14.1-inch XGA screen which flips around and folds down to become a tablet PC, letting the user navigate and write on the screen with the included digital mouse pen.

As for the hardware specifications, the R15 uses Intel’s Centrino Mobile 725 chipset with a processor operating at 1.6GHz (2MB L2 Cache, 400MHz FSB). Integrated wireless, DVD/CD-RW, and a 60GB HDD running at 4200RPM will make up the rest of the laptop.

The Satellite R15 (model R15-S822) is available now from Toshiba’s website for a base price of $1599 which includes 512MB ram (upgradeable to 1GB).