PoGo’s Portable Radio Player/Recorder

PoGo’s Portable Radio Player/Recorder


PoGo Products have developed a portable audio device that plays and records AM/FM radio straight off the radio into MP3 format. The Radio YourWayLX allows you to schedule daily or weekly recordings so you don’t miss your Howard Stern. The companies press releases mentions Rush Limbaugh, but we all know who the real king of radio land is.

The YourWayLX will also function as a regular digital audio player with the ability to play back MP3, WMA, and RVF files to your headphones or out the built-in speaker. Sounds pretty standard, but what really surprised me was the lack of storage space and price. The device comes in both 128 MB and 512 MB sizes and costs $199 and $249 respectively; a bit too expensive for my blood.

In addition to the radio recording, you can record off the built-in microphone, or even the line-in which allows you to record off any medium at bit rates up to 256Kbps. If you can’t stand the small storage size you can expand the player with SD cards up to 1GB.

The YourWayLX is available now on PoGo’s website.