Wireless Dynamics Announces First Ever SDiD RFID Reader/Writer SD Card

Wireless Dynamics Announces First Ever SDiD RFID Reader/Writer SD Card


Wireless Dynamics out of Calgary, Ablerta has announced their innovative new SDiD Card, the first RFID (Radio Frequnecy Identification) Reader/Writer and SD card to be designed. Almost any device supporting an SD expansion card can now be used as a portable RFID terminal. The applications are limitless, from health-care to logistics even homeland security; any situation where asset and document tracking are required, the SDiD can make it happen.

SDiD will allow existing computing devices such as smartphones and PDAs to read RFID information and communicate it in real-time to an enterprise database via WiFi, CDMA, GSM or Bluetooth (depending on what method your device will support).

SDiD also supports NFC Technology (Near Field Communication) which allows consumers to request information from entertainment companies, compare prices and even make transactions. NFC was designed by Philips and Sony, it allows for contactless identification and interconnection technologies such as; contactless payments, coupon redemption, points promotions and rewards.

Here is a great example of an NFC scenario according to Wireless Dynamics, “Customers with a PDA or Smartphone could access product information or entertainment content such as pictures, music and video clips by waving their mobile devices in front of a smart poster or kiosk. Users can also exchange such information with other users through NFC or mobile connection of their devices.”

Although SDiD sounds exciting, it will be some time before we see it implemented throughout retail facilities. SDiD is currently in the pre-production phase, but we hope to see it soon. The SDiD Card supports PDAs and Smartphones with SD Card slots and an SDIO interface. It also supports Microsoft Pocket PC 2002/2003, Windows Mobile 2003, and Palm OS 4.1 and up operating systems.