ROB-1 Camera Rover for your Bluetooth Cellphone

ROB-1 Camera Rover for your Bluetooth Cellphone


Sony Ericsson has created a miniaturized Bluetooth controlled rover camera for your cellphone. The ROB-1 Bluetooth Motion Cam was shown at CeBIT today, it can be controlled by the keypad or joy-stick of phone, or the touch screen on the P900/P910 handsets.

ROB-1 can be controlled within a distance of 50 meters, it has the capability to move forward, backwards, look around corners, pivot or tilt the camera 70º upwards and 20º downwards. Just as you would expect the ROB-1 has an ultra bright light that leads the way anywhere you choose to maneuver it, even in dark spaces. On board memory allows for no delay when snapping photos that get wirelessly transmitted to your phone with Bluetooth.

The ROB-1 is the first device to combine the CAR-100’s steering capabilities with video streaming, it will be available during Q3 of 2005.