Mio 168RS Pocket PC GPS adds Stronger Antenna

Mio 168RS Pocket PC GPS adds Stronger Antenna


Mio Technology has released their new upgraded Mio 168RS handheld running on Windows Mobile Pocket PC SE. It features an advanced integrated GPS receiver with flip up antenna, more powerful and accurate than the original 168 antenna, which has now been discontinued. Mio informed MobileMag this was due to an overwhelming amount of issues for vehicles with tinted windows, they are sending one over next week for us to make sure this issue has been resolved.

The RS version (rally sport?) features new improved MioMap software with a new 3D view during navigation, also with the improved GPS antenna, real-time location tracking and pin-point destination guideance.

Aside from its integrated GPS characteristics, the Mio 168RS is a very basic Pocket PC device, it has an Intel Xscale 300MHz processor, 32MB flash ROM and 64MB SDRAM. The Mio 168RS sells for $599 USD and ships with a 256MB SD Memory card, USB Card Reader (for easy map loading), and Car Charger.