New 2005 VW Passat with Integrated Bluetooth and GSM

New 2005 VW Passat with Integrated Bluetooth and GSM


Your new 2005 Passat and Bluetooth enabled cell phone have developed a symbiotic relationship thanks to the innovative engineers at Volkswagen and Nokia Automotive. The new Passat will have an integrated handset which harnesses Bluetooth wireless technology. The technology supports the Bluetooth SIM Access Profile which enables the car to connect to your SIM card via Bluetooth and log onto the GSM network.

“For the first time, an automaker is offering a communication solution using the Bluetooth SIM Access Profile that is factory-fitted in the vehicle. This represents an important engineering achievement: we have taken a further step toward universality in the domain of factory-installed, integrated communication solutions: Users looking for wide-ranging compatibility with a variety of mobile phones have a choice between an aftermarket solution or a factory-fitted system,” says Marcus Stahl, General Manager Nokia Automotive.

The car will be fitted with an external GSM antenna, excellent audio quality in hands-free mode, and alphanumerical keyboard integrated into the steering wheel. In addition, you can access all personal contact data stored in the mobile phone using the cars built-in Bluetooth technology. As soon as you enter the car, your compatible phone will connect and login to the GSM network, when you exit or press a button on the handset, it will seamlessly return you to the mobile network.