CommWarrior attacks Symbian Phones via MMS

CommWarrior attacks Symbian Phones via MMS


Move over Cabir, a new cell phone virus by the name of CommWarrior is on the loose, attacking Symbian Series 60 cell phones yet again. This time the virus is a tad bit smarter with the ability to spread itself via MMS (multimedia messaging) as well as Bluetooth. It randomly goes through your cell phone contact book, finds a number, and sends one of 20 different messages ranging from Symbian updates to porn. You actually have to run the infected software to initialize it, so as long as you don’t open unknown attachments, you should be fine. With that said, if your mother sends you a dirty picture, that’s your first clue that she might have CommWarrior unleashing its wrath on her cell phone.

Some of the common headers include:

– Norton AntiVirus: Released now for mobile, install it!
– Porno images: Porno images collection with nice viewer!
– Desktop manager: Official Symbian desktop manager

The virus doesn’t really do a whole lot except populate itself. Your bill for MMS might be affected, but that’s about it. In addition, the virus can’t tell the difference between a cell phone entry and a landline entry in your contact list, so that helps hinder its propagation techniques.

For more info, check out F-Secure’s website on the virus.