NEC A232 high-definition handset for $30

NEC A232 high-definition handset for $30


NEC today unveiled the a232, an extremely affordable mid-range high definition handset. The a232 is a GSM/EDGE handset with data access speeds of up to 384 kilobits per second. It features a 300,000-pixel VGA-camera with zoom, 10-second self-timer with mobile flash, a 65,536-color screen and a 40-note polyphonic ringer. Voice dial, PC-to-Handset synchronism, and Openwave Phone Suite Version 7 are also offered.

NEC is aiming this phone at users that want a introduction camera phone but don’t want to pay the mammoth price that comes with it. To me, the phone looks like a knock-off of the NEC 515HDM we looked at a while back.

“NEC’s a232 High Definition Mobile handset is a great addition to our current product lineup,” said Suzanne Lowry, director of Product Management, SunCom. “At such an affordable price, we believe our customers will enjoy its small form factor, camera, enhanced voice and messaging capabilities, as well as its seamless experience in moving data between their desktop and phone.”

The best feature of this phone is the low price of $30 USD (until April 30th) which can be purchased through SunCom retail stores immediately.