Move over 3G, HSDPA is here

Move over 3G, HSDPA is here


LG Electronics and Nortel have completed live test calls using a new wireless technology called High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). The HSDPA solution tested high-resolution interactive gaming, music downloads, DVD-quality film and video, large email attachments and Mobile TV using “Push-to-Watch” over Nortel’s GSM/UMTS network.

In the real-world stability test, several music songs and three-minute streaming movie clips were transferred to the LG HSDPA. The trial speeds reached up to 1.4 megabits per second (mbps) but Nortel has demonstrated up to 14.4 mbps on commercially-available HSDPA equipment.

HSDPA’s network throughput is estimated to be five times faster than current commercial 3G networks, it’s speed is comparable to broadband DSL or ADSL service.

“Based on the success of our interoperability program, I expect Nortel to be the first to market with a complete, end-to-end HSDPA solution with integrated consumer devices,” said Peter MacKinnon, president, GSM/UMTS, Nortel.

A UMTS network infrastructure from Nortel and an LG HSDPA handset will be slated for commercial availability in late 2005. Samsung also announced plans to unveil an HSDPA handset at Cebit 2005 in Germany from March 10-16.