ATI Powers Sleekest 3D Gaming Phone

ATI Powers Sleekest 3D Gaming Phone


ATI and LG have teamed up today to offer the LG SV360 mobile gaming handset. The SV360 packs in ATI’s Imageon 2300 media processor giving it the power to render over 10,000 triangles per frame. According to ATI, there is no mobile phone on the market capable of reproducing this caliber of crisp visual quality, and also the first mobile phone from LG to use an ATI chip.

The SV360 is capable of displaying games and applications in 320×240 landscape mode, and that utilize the OpenGL ES 1.0 mobile gaming API. The SV360 also offers the first mobile 3D user interface on a mobile handset, a gyroscopic controller and stereo speakers add to the console-like gaming experience.

“ATI is working with many wireless industry leaders to cultivate the mobile 3D ecosystem, bringing together content creators, hardware manufacturers and carriers, to help make mobile 3D gaming a reality.” said Paul Dal Santo, Vice President and General Manager, Handheld Products Group, ATI Technologies.