Eyetop Now Bundeled as a Wearable Mobile DVD

Eyetop Now Bundeled as a Wearable Mobile DVD


Like something out of I Robot, Eyetop, the wearable video display screen sunglasses from Kopin are now being bundled with a portable DVD player. The Eyetop itself features a small 2cm active matrix LCD screen (76,800 pixels) which appears 12 times larger when placed close to the eye. You may remember the release of this device back in March of last year. They also include A/V inputs so not only can you watch DVD’s off the included player, but anything you want as long as the device has composite (RCA) output ports. The DVD player will include a rechargeable battery and a carrying case.

Eyetop is tooting their horn claiming that this is the first private viewing DVD player on the market. Their target consumers are busy professionals, film lovers, and gadget gurus.

“When we say mobile video, we mean it literally,” said Atika Elsayed, Eyeneo’s general manager. “The Eyetop DVD provides the best of both worlds: an immersive private multimedia experience with a large, crisp image magnified from a tiny Kopin CyberDisplay, and the simultaneous ability to see your surroundings while you’re on the go. These features make it practical for busy professionals as well as fun and entertaining for film lovers and gadget gurus.”

When the Eyetop is bundled with the DVD player the price for the package will run you $599. The Eyetop wearable display unit itself will cost you $399.