Virgin offers World’s first 3G Radio Free

Virgin offers World’s first 3G Radio Free


Virgin Radio has become the first station to broadcast globally over 3G phones. The technology from Sydus mobile streaming services has made this possible, no matter where you are; Tokyo, Toronto or Chicago, if there is a wireless signal, there shall be music.

The software from Sydus is free to download from Virgin Radio UK, it will install an application icon to your supported mobile phones desktop. From there you can tune into Virgin Radio, the UK rock and pop station or two new digital stations; Virgin Radio Groove and Virgin Radio Classic Rock, and best of all it’s free! This really puts a damper on Satellite Radio’s outlook, which requires special hardware as well as monthly fees.

“This radio player is what the 3G network was built for, giving consumers high quality and high data products through a handset in their pocket. With Sydus, Virgin Radio has become the first brand to be available globally through a truly mobile music service.” Said Saumil Nanavati, President of Sydus.

The service will work on 30 compatible 2.5G and 3G handsets currently on the market using Series 60 or the Symbian UIQ platform. As it stands now, over 14.9 million consumers across the globe can tune in to this new service, and as 3G phones grow in popularity more people will have access.