Satellite Radio may hit your PDA, Cell, or even iPod

Satellite Radio may hit your PDA, Cell, or even iPod


Satellite radio could soon hit your iPod, PDA, and cell phone with Calypso Wireless’s new patent pending technology. The company has devised a solution based on their ASNAP (Automatic Switching of Network Access Points) technology that can allow your mobile wireless device to receive satellite broadcasts from either satellite transmitters or WiFi. The press release doesn’t go into detail on design specifications, with no indication if it will be packaged as a device accessory or built into future devices.

“Satellite radio service providers are already working to attract more subscribers by offering new data services like streaming news, stock quotes and sports scores. The next logical step is for them to also try to offer ways for their subscribers to be able to receive their signals in more places, like in their homes or at work and via all types of mobile devices, such as PDAs, iPods and cell phones. That is where Calypso’s state-of-the-art switching technology comes in.” says George Schilling, President and Chief Executive Officer of Calypso Wireless, Inc.

“Subscribers would no longer have to worry about weak or lost satellite radio signals when they go into buildings as long as there is an available broadband network or WiFi access point that their mobile radio or device equipped with Calypso’s technology could jump synch with, making a seamless jump from their provider’s satellite. This could be a major move for the industry,” continues Schilling.

Satellite radio has grown in popularity, new devices and services have been poping up everywhere, and with over 4 million subscribing users last year its looking pretty darn good. The service has exceeded analysts expectations but the question is, how many people will jump on the pay-for-radio bandwagon, and how many will stick to online downloads?