Nokia Trio 6230i, 6021 and 6030

Nokia Trio 6230i, 6021 and 6030


Nokia today announced a trio of tri-band mid-range handsets, the 6230i, 6021 and 6030. Coincidentally, Sony Ericsson released four of their own handsets today, one of which being the W800 Walkman, it will be hard for Nokia to match that, especially with 512MB memory on hand. This makes me think, do handset manufacturers have models just sitting around waiting for a competitor to release something? Show me yours and I’ll show you mine! Who knows, but it sure seems that way.

The Nokia 6230i is the successor to the ever so popular Nokia 6230. The phone features Bluetooth, Push to talk technology, a high-resolution screen (208 x 208 pixels) and a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera with a 3 x digital zoom. The video recorder option allows users to record videos of up to one hour based on the unmentioned size of an included MMC storage card.

A built-in stereo music player is included in the package, with MP3, M4A and AAC support and FM radio with Visual Radio. You can easily convert your favorite tunes from a CD library via PC software directly on to your Nokia 6230i. The 6230i will set you back 350 EUR + taxes.

The new Nokia 6021 phone is equipped with features more targeted towards business-oriented individuals. It offers enhanced connectivity and synchronization with Bluetooth wireless technology, Push to talk and voice activated dialing. The 6021 will sell for 200 EUR + taxes.

The Nokia 6030 phone is the bottom of the barrel in this line up, it still offers a classic Nokia design, but strips a lot of features most people would like. For a 150 EUR you will get an alarm, calendar that ensures important dates are not forgotten. You know a phone really sucks when the company advertises it’s alarm and calendar functions as the main selling point. Anyhow, it does have a built-in FM radio, which is almost cool, and you can personalize the wallpapers.