Philips Portable Audio Player with Built-In Speakers

Philips Portable Audio Player with Built-In Speakers


Philips sure knows where it’s at when it comes to designing portable music players. The Philips Personal Sound System (PSS110) is a portable flash based MP3/WMA player with built in speakers. The device will feature 256MB of internal memory for storing music that will blast you out of bed in the morning. The PSS110 can be connected to your desktop to transfer songs over high speed USB 2.0. The player is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but still produces great sound according to Philips.

“Today’s consumers want the freedom to create their own environment for listening to music and enjoying the entertainment experience at home and on the road, without compromising the sound quality,” said Des Power, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Premier, Philips Consumer Electronics, North America. “With the PSS110, Philips delivers a portable and powerful travel solution that allows you to enjoy dynamic sound anytime, anywhere from a small set. The freedom that the PSS110 provides is part of Philips’ continued commitment to deliver products that allow consumers to express themselves, regardless of their location.”

It also features a built in FM tuner so you can surf the airwaves old school style. Estimated battery life is 10 hours with the included rechargeables, it looks to be the perfect portable desktop player, and knowing Philips i’m sure it will sound great.

The PSS110 should hit the streets in April and will have at the price of around $160 US.