Sprint to Carry Samsung A790 Aimed at Traveling Business Users

Sprint to Carry Samsung A790 Aimed at Traveling Business Users


Sprint’s first digital quad-band phone aimed at traveling business users was released today; the Sprint PCS IP-A790. The handset itself is a Samsung A790 phone that features both GSM and CDMA technology to enable users to roam in over 130 countries.

The phone lacks many features most phones on the market carry, no speakerphone or Bluetooth, yet it packs a high price of $549.99 due to its extensive connectivity support. As for what the phone will feature; voice recognition, 256k-color TFT main display, and a second 65K-colour display on the outside cover. The phone will also support Sprint’s PCS Vision Multimedia Services which include video mail, picture mail and text messaging.

Along with the samem announcement came a new flat-rate pricing for GSM roaming. Customers will now pay $1.50 per minute when making or receiving calls in countries with long-distance included. In countries where CDMA and AMPS are supported, expect to see $.50 to $.99 per minute plus long-distance rates.

“The availability of simple pricing and a single device that works on CDMA and international GSM networks is a significant addition to Sprint’s portfolio of solutions designed to meet the needs of those customers whose work and play take them around the world,” said Harry Campbell, president – Emerging and Mid Markets, Sprint Business Solutions. “Besides having the convenience of a single phone number, receiving one invoice and having access to a dedicated international customer solutions team, our customers can now use a single device to stay in touch while in many countries of the world.”