Samsung Demonstrates Push-To-All Technology

Samsung Demonstrates Push-To-All Technology


Samsung has demonstrated a new technology that they are coining as the ‘Push-to-All’ (PTA) solution. PTA is basically an all in one solution for mobile phones, allowing you to conference with multiple users via voice, video, or file sharing, all at the push of a button. Still don’t get it? Think walkie talkies with video and peer-to-peer file sharing.

No word on when the technology will hit consumer phones, but I’d expect it to happen soon as all the technology already exists and they have been demonstrating it at their Telecommunications R&D Center in Suwon, Korea.

I wonder if this will lead to users swapping MP3 music within their provider’s network.

See press release below.

The High-Speed EV-DO Network is Used to Enable a Multimedia Wireless Communications Experience, from Push-to-Talk (PTT) to Push-to-View (PTV), and Push-to-Data (PTD)

Samsung Electronics, a leading wireless communications company, is proud to announce the development of a working PTA (Push-to-All) solution. The demonstration of the PTA solution proto-type took place at the company’s Telecommunications R&D Center in Suwon, Korea.

This total mobile communications solution incorporates the existing PTT (Push-to-Talk) one to multi-user voice technology with the one to multi-user video conferencing ability of PTV (Push-to-View) and multimedia file sharing function of PTD (Push-to Data).

The core benefit of PTA handsets is their synchronous video conferencing ability. Similar to a walkie-talkie with video capabilities, the speaker’s image appears instantly on the handset screen of the user or multiple users on the call. It is a convenient and time-saving function that allows people in multiple locations to easily conduct virtual meetings. In addition, the PTA handset allows one to send image, video clip and music contents to multiple users through one simple operation on a mobile device at one time.

Samsung Electronics plans to offer a commercialized PTA solution handset using not only EV-DO technology but also EDGE, UMTS, and WiFi standards.