Battery Technology to Get Some Love?

Battery Technology to Get Some Love?


Altair Nanotechnologies today announced that they have reached a breakthrough in Lithium Ion battery technology that will bring a new generation of rechargeable batteries to the marketplace. Altair claims that their new technology will be capable of manufacturing batteries with three times more power and recharging in minutes compared the current technologies hours of recharge time. Not only does Altair’s technology solve battery power problems, they also increase the recharge cycles from hundreds to multi thousand recharge cycles.

“The nanomaterials Altair is developing are the next generation of electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries and Altair’s research and product development is laying the ground work for a new generation of ultra high power lithium ion batteries.” commented Dr. K. M. Abraham. “A key requirement to the above applications is the ability to recharge the battery very quickly, for example in a few minutes. Current Li Ion batteries are incapable of such quick charge times because of the chemistry of the anode materials. Altair has found a solution to this with their nano-sized lithium titanium oxide.”

Time after time we have seen companies move forward with faster devices, bigger screens, lager capacity, but battery power has always remained the same; terrible! Let’s hope we see this technology in future gadgets and on the shelves soon. Plenty of companies have announced their latest and greatest battery technologies, but few have come through.