Apple Upgrades iPod Line with New Capacities

Apple Upgrades iPod Line with New Capacities


Apple today announced upgrades to its Apple iPod Mini and iPod photo lines. The first announcement is the second generation of iPod Minis which now comes in 4GB and 6GB. Not only the storage capacity has been upgraded; the battery life has been increased to up to 18 hours. The ditched the gold design–sucks to be you, Goldmember–but continue to produce blue, pink, green, and silver.

They also announced new pricing; the 4GB version will go for $199 US and the 6GB at $249 US and are available immediately.

The second announcement is an upgrade to the iPod Photo lineup; new 30GB and 60GB models were introduced. In addition you will soon be able to connect your camera straight to the iPod photo for a great portable storage device on the go. No longer will you fear filling up your media card! In addition there are new transition animations when showing your photos on your iPod photo.

The 30GB will go for $349 US and the 60GB model for $499 US available immediately. The camera connector will go for $29 US and should be available in March.