Samsung Mass Produces 2.5-Gbit MCP for 3G Phones

Samsung Mass Produces 2.5-Gbit MCP for 3G Phones


Samsung Electronics has begun mass production of the world’s largest-capacity multi-chip package (MCP) for 3G phones. The 2.5Gb MCP will allow for intense video playback on mobile phones with digital multimedia broadcasting support (DMB).

Operating on a mere 1.8 volts, the MCP consists of two 1Gb NAND flash memory chips and two 256Mb Mobile DRAMs providing to four hours of high-quality QVGA video storage. The chip will allow manufacturers to produce slimmer, lighter handsets with increased functionality.

Samsung is the only company manufacturing all of the memory chips that can be used in making MCPs, including NAND flash memory, Mobile DRAM, NOR flash memory and UtRAM. Combinations of these memory chips represent the future of ultra-compact multi-chip devices for high capacity, multi-functional mobile devices.

Market research firm iSuppli predicts that the market for 3G mobile phones will grow an average of 78% a year through 2008, when 240 million units will be sold worldwide.