Anna Sui Adds Flair to Samsung e315

Anna Sui Adds Flair to Samsung e315


Anna Sui, a top designer in the fashion world, has added her own style to Samsung’s e315 mobile phone. The phone features a stylish purple and black casing with little charms hanging off the side. The phone will also feature Anna Sui designed content, such as wallpaper for your phone. Perfect for your fashion minded high maintenance girlfriend!

Here is a great quote from the press release,

“it offers you the freedom to capture and share your latest retro finds or your boyfriend’s indie-rock debut.” Ok, sure?

The Samsung e315 features a VGA (640 x 480) camcorder/camera with 5x digital zoom, color LCD, and picture caller ID.

Want more info on the phone? Check out Anna Sui’s launch page. There is also a launch party that will be happening in New York sometime soon. The phone will officially launch in the March version of VOUGE magazine in an 8 page ad layout.