Lexar LockTight Secure Picture Storage

Lexar LockTight Secure Picture Storage


Lexar today announced their new digital imaging security solution; the LockTight. The LockTight is a high security flash memory card that requires a user to have a corresponding encryption key on their camera. Nikon’s new D2X is the first camera that has incorporated the new technology addressing the security needs of its customers.

“Integrating support for Lexar’s LockTight System in the D2X camera assures our professional and industrial customers that their valuable image data is protected by memory card-level security technology,” said Kazuyuki Kazami, general manager of marketing, Nikon Corporation. “LockTight is the ideal system for our many photographers who take pictures of sensitive or confidential material and need to protect their images from unauthorized access.”

How does it keep your pictures secure? The secure media utilizes 160 bit encryption technology via the SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) which encrypts your card so you can only access the data via your camera with a corresponding encryption key, or on your pc using a username and password.

Expect to see the LockTight CompactFlash on the shelves in April. Pricing is not yet known, I expect it to be a tad bit more expensive than the regular non-encrypted cards.