LG KF1000 “One Phone” Connects to All

LG KF1000 “One Phone” Connects to All


LG Electronics has unveiled the first mobile phone to use the Bluetooth 1.2 specification and offer walkie-talkie like communications. The LG-KF1000 has a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 playback functionality, stereo speakers and dual LCD displays; images and songs can be stored on the expandable miniSD slot.

Thanks to Bluetooth 1.2, the LG KF1000 is capable of short distance communications with other similar handsets, making walkie-talkie type communication possible within a 100 meter range.

The handset will work on CDMA networks and has the capability to connect with PSTN landlines for indoor use. LG surely has created the “One Phone” but will it ever get outside of Korea?