Four New Olympus Digital Cameras Announced

Four New Olympus Digital Cameras Announced


Olympus joined the Pre-PMA announcement bash with their four new digital camera releases; D-595, D-630, D-545 Zoom, and the Olympus IR-300 Total Imaging System. Three of the cameras are 5 megapixel (D-595, D-630, IR-300) and the other is 4.0 megapixels (D-545). Each model has its own unique features and body design.

The D-595 Zoom features a blocky sports handgrip, 1.8 inch display, super macro mode of 2cm, 15 scene modes, and a 3x zoom lens. It should be available in March for a price of $280 USD.

The D-630 Zoom is a slim camera that has a twisting lens that offers 3x optical zoom. Also included in the package is a 2 inch LCD, 14MB internal memory, and a panorama mode. The camera will be on the shelves in May for around $300 USD.

The IR-300 isn’t just a camera, its also a portable digital photography lab, allowing users to burn their pictures straight to DVD without a PC. Just dock the IR-300 to the DVD (S-DVD-100) unit and you can automatically burn the images. As for the camera itself, it will feature a 5 megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, 2-inch LCD screen, and super macro at 5cm. As for the unit pricing, the camera IR-300 will sell for $350 USD and the DVD burning dock unit (S-DVD-100) will go for $400 USD.

As for the fourth camera, the D-545 Zoom is Olympus’ new entry level camera at 4 megapixels. It will feature a 1.8 inch LCD screen, 15 scene modes, 2cm super macro mode, 14MB internal memory plus xD-Picture Card slot, and a 3x zoom. The D-545 Zoom will hit the shelves next month for $200 USD.