Nikon 7900, 7600, 5900, 5600 and 4600 Coolpix Models Unveiled

Nikon 7900, 7600, 5900, 5600 and 4600 Coolpix Models Unveiled


Nikon today is priming their audiences for the release of five new Coolpix cameras next week at PMA. The Coolpix 5900 and 7900 are both 5.1 megapixel cameras due out this March, they come with large 2.0-inch amorphous silicon TFT LCD monitors. The 7900 will ship in black (with Silver and Red in Japan) and can take the WP-CP 4 underwater housing.

The Coolpix 4600 and 5600 are 4.0 and 5.1 megapixels respectively with enhanced D-Lighting that will compensate for insufficient flash or excessive backlighting. This also helps with In-Camera Red-Eye Fix and Blur. The lens is capable of 3x zoom, 4cm macro and has a 1.8-inch LCD screen for viewing photos. The WP-CP 3 underwater housing is also available for these cameras.

The 7 megapixel Coolpix 7600 is the high-end consumer camera Nikon is releasing, it features exposure correction technology, in-camera red-eye removal and face-priority AF. This will find the best focus point on people’s faces when in Portrait mode. Some features include a 3x optical zoom lense, equivalent to 38-114mm, 1.8-inch LCD display and five movie capture modes. We will have to wait until early spring to purchase this one.