Go Retro with Boost Mobiles Vintage Handset

Go Retro with Boost Mobiles Vintage Handset


Boost Mobile today announced their new product, the Vintage Telephone Handset. Set in retro handset black, this familiar looking handset plugs into your handset. It also includes a push to talk button to easily connect to someone if you have the push to talk service from Boost. The handset accessory will be free of charge when you purchase select Boost phones.

“Vintage telephone handsets have been seen in the hands of celebrities and trendsetters alike,” said Neil Lindsay, vice president of product development, Boost Mobile. “We took the retro phone concept a step further from previous garage shop versions to offer an old-fashioned landline style receiver with a modern mobile communications twist. By incorporating our exclusive Boost Walkie-Talkie feature in the handset, our customers can instantly communicate with friends and family while saving cellular minutes. And, we are offering the accessory free of charge with purchase of select Boost phones.”

I love these retro designs, nostalgia mania! Pokia also has a whole whack of retro handsets that would even bring a tear to your parents eyes.

The accessory is compatible with the Motorola i205, i215, i285, i730, i830 and i860 phones available from Boost. No word on if the headset works on other phones from other carriers.