Motorola E1120, 3 Megapixel Camera Phone

Motorola E1120, 3 Megapixel Camera Phone


Motorola announced a great advancement in their product line today, the E1120 3 megapixel camera phone. Finally consumers will be able to tell what they took a picture of. Many would have speculated that Motorola’s next camera phone would have hit the 2.0 megapixel mark, but they passed the bar and delivered 3! The high resolution isn’t the only feature that makes this camera special; the lens is also auto focusing, capable of 8x digital zoom, and comes with a 30 lux lamp.

The feature packed camera isn’t the only thing that this product will showcase. The phone is a 3G phone which will enable users to receive streaming multimedia to their handset. Other features include 2 way video conferencing, video capture and playback, MP3/WMA player, Bluetooth, enhanced WAP 2.0 browser and a trans flash media slot capable of 512 MB additional storage.

The 3 megapixel phone will hopefully set a standard for other companies to achieve.

The only setback is the timeline for release; don’t expect to see this phone until the end of this year.