GeForce Go 6600, Mobile Gaming With the Power of a Desktop

GeForce Go 6600, Mobile Gaming With the Power of a Desktop


NVIDIA announced their new GeForce Go 6 series today; the GeForce Go 6600. The 6600 is aimed at bringing better gaming and multimedia to the small form factor of a laptop. One of the main aspects that most laptops lack is raw graphic processing, that is the main issue that NVIDIA is trying to tackle with their GPU’s. By taking more and more graphic processing load off of the CPU it frees valuable system resources and enables applications and games to run faster, all while reducing the bulk of a desktop PC.

Rob Csongor, general manager of mobile business at NVIDIA says it best, “Historically, notebooks that offered great video and 3D performance have always been too cumbersome to be used by true road warriors, while small notebooks lacked anything beyond the most rudimentary PC functionality. With the award-winning graphics performance of the GeForce 6 series, PureVideo technology for consumer quality video, and an advanced performance-per-watt architecture, the GeForce Go 6600 GPU creates a flashpoint for the notebook industry. Now truly portable notebooks do not have to compromise on video and graphics.”

Some of the key features of the GeForce Go 6600:

– CineFX 3.0 Shading Architecture
– 64 Bit Texture Filtering and Blending
– Intellisample 3.0 Technology
– Dual integrated 400MHz RAMDACs for display resolutions up to and including 2048×1536 at 85hz
– Designed for PCI Express x16
– Designed for high-speed DDR, DDR2, and GDDR3 memory

The GeForce should be hitting laptops very soon as it is available immediately from different brands such as Toshiba, Acer, Asus, and many more.