SH-Mobile3A Application Processor Chip May Introduce 5MP Camera Phones and More

SH-Mobile3A Application Processor Chip May Introduce 5MP Camera Phones and More


Renesas Technology America today announced their new mobile phone application processor, the SH-Mobile3A. The processor will bring improved multimedia to your cell phone including, digital TV broadcasts, 5-megapixel camera modules, audio output, and MPEG-4 to high end mobile handsets. The chip will run at 216MHz while consuming very little power for long phone application usage.

Lets hope that we see this chip in phones soon, as of now we are plagued with horrible 1 megapixel pictures from the handsets of today.

See press release below.

Renesas Technology Introduces SH-Mobile3A Application Processor to Support Advanced Multimedia Capabilities in High-End Mobile Phones

Highly integrated chip allows the design of mobile phones that can deliver the latest information and entertainment functions and services, including terrestrial digital TV broadcasts and high-resolution pictures from 5-megapixel camera modules.

Renesas Technology America, Inc. today announced the SH-Mobile3A (part number: SH73380), the newest member of the popular SH-Mobile series of mobile phone application processors. The SH-Mobile3A device incorporates the latest multimedia processing functions that must be performed in high-end phones. In particular, it supports exciting new information and entertainment services and capabilities, including terrestrial digital TV broadcasts and high-resolution (5-megapixel) camera modules.

According to Brian Davis, business development manager, advanced solutions group, Renesas Technology America, Inc., “The SH-Mobile3A delivers a rich new multimedia platform solution for premium mobile phones that give users amazing utility and extraordinary entertainment value. Renesas developed and optimized it in close cooperation with major companies in the mobile communication industry specifically to facilitate major boosts and innovations in multimedia phone functionality.”

Fast CPU core drives functions that support the latest processing standards

At the heart of the SH-Mobile3A chip is the next generation SuperH RISC core implementing a superscalar architecture with integral DSP and multiple on-chip caches. It delivers 389 MIPS processing performance at 216MHz, for a high rating of 1.8 MIPS/MHz. This architecture offers leading edge performance with lower power consumption, enabling long viewing time for digital broadcasts on a portable device. The CPU runs higher level software functions that accelerate system integration and ensure high quality digital broadcast applications independent of the cellular interface.

A key multimedia function is the newly developed video processing unit. It provides support for the high-speed video compression specified by both the H.264 standard for ISDB-T (Terrestrial Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting) TV services, and the MPEG-4 standard for movie and videophone applications. The versatile video engine can also support other digital TV broadcasting formats for mobile phones that may be adopted in various countries, such as DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting for Handheld) and DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting).

The built-in camera interface of the SH-Mobile3A supports direct connection to camera modules up to 5-megapixel resolution, so users of high-end phones can take high quality photographs. Besides handling large volumes of image data, the camera interface supports digital-zoom display and overlay display capabilities using on-screen display functions and hardware cursor support. Moreover, the SH-Mobile3A’s video output unit allows the captured images to be viewed on an NTSC or PAL TV set.

A mobile phone based on the SH-Mobile3A device can provide impressive picture-taking capabilities. An on-chip JPEG hardware accelerator processes images quickly: 0.02 seconds/photo or less for VGA size images, and 0.1 seconds/photo or less for SXGA size. This speed allows the creation of a wide array of attractive camera applications, since users will be able to snap photos in rapid succession.

The SH-Mobile3A device incorporates a variety of other peripheral functions that are ideal for mobile phone systems: an LCD controller compatible with TFT color LCD panel, a sound interface, and more.