Logitec LAT-SD100MP3 8 Bay SD MP3 Changer

Logitec LAT-SD100MP3 8 Bay SD MP3 Changer


If anyone is going to get the craziest MP3 player award this year, it will have to be Logitec (not that one) from Japan. They have created the LAT-SD100MP3, this beast has 8 slots for SD memory cards and an FM transmitter to broadcast the music to your car stereo. I am still having trouble understanding why they would not just throw dual 4GB micro drives (still trying to maintain craziness) or how about a single 10 GB hard drive (that’s too logical and already been done).

Logitec also added audio inputs, if the 8GB of SD cards are not enough, you can connect your iPod or CD Player to the unit to broadcast to the car radio. It also features six equalizer settings; Classic, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Club and Soft. The LCD display will show the track time and ID3 tag. Other supported formats aside from SD are MiniSd memory cards from 16MB – 256MB and MMC from 16MB – 128MB. The unit is powered via an AC adapter or a car cigarette lighter, so by no means is this a portable device even though it measures only 49 x 36.5 x 20mm.

No price is set, but it should be out in Japan this month. Although the fact of having an SD changer style MP3 player sounds ridiculous, if the price of 1 GB SD cards keeps dropping (as it is) than it may even be a worthwhile investment, imagine having a library of 50 or 100 1GB SD cards with all your tracks organized, I would rather go this route than having a CD wallet with 50 audio CDs that get scratched and skip, and who knows, record labels may soon begin releasing audio on the SD format, then we will see everyone adopting this type of changer. Revolutionary or absurd? Only time will tell.