Falanx Plans to Bring Console-Quality Graphics to Mobile Phones

Falanx Plans to Bring Console-Quality Graphics to Mobile Phones


Falanx Microsystems has a plan to bring console-quality graphics to mobile phones using their advanced line of System-on-Chip (SoC) semiconductors. The Mali 110, Mali55 and MaliGP core semiconductors integrate 2D, 3D and video within a single core, these are expected to offer the first 4X and 16X anti-aliasing support for high-end multimedia mobile phones.

“Today’s mobile games and applications are mostly used to kill time and offer limited functionality, graphics quality and features,” said Borgar Ljosland, president and CEO of Falanx. “Only Mali is able to combine spectacular media graphics, smooth video playback and the lowest bandwidth requirements into an IP core that will make next-generation mobile applications time consumers with rich, interactive content like those found on portable, handheld gaming devices.”

Their line of Mali IP cores are the only products on the market today that can provide full scene 16X anti-aliasing with the end result of far less jagged borders between colours, lower memory bandwidth and impressive, realistic graphics with efficient battery life.

“Anti-aliasing is as important, if not more important, for mobile phones than for the PC, due to the limited area and resolutions available in the smaller screens,” added Frank Gilson, producer at Atari.