The Boom Bag, Party In Your Hotel Room

The Boom Bag, Party In Your Hotel Room


Take the party anywhere you go with the Boom Bag! We have seen odd looking backpacks and fancy jackets with speakers in them, now we have luggage with speakers in them. The Boom Bag from Precision Edge, Inc. will run you $275 USD and features built in 3″ speakers (5 Watts/4ohms each) and a 4″ subwoofer (8 watts/4ohms) which are powered by two amplifiers.

Not only is your luggage a boom box, but it can carry clothes and gear as well. The speakers, amp, and electronics are all housed on the back of the luggage with the main bulk behind the trolley rails and pull handle.

The Boom Bag has a line-in jack to connect your luggage to all your devices like your iPod or your laptop.

I’d love to see the face on airport security when you check in with this luggage while blasting some of your favourite tunes, let’s hope the sound quality is all it’s cracked up to be.

For more info check out the Boom Bag website.