PLUS Vision V-332 Ultra Light, Ultra Compact Projector

PLUS Vision V-332 Ultra Light, Ultra Compact Projector


PLUS Vision announces their new ultra small, ultra light weight projector with new Unplug & Go feature; The PLUS V-332. The Unplug & Go feature allows you to unplug the projector right after you finish using it. The cooling fan will continue to work even after you unplug it, enabling you to pack it up while it cools down.

The PLUS V-322 weighs in at only 3 pounds.

Other features to note:

– 1,200 lumens
– XGA clarity
– Support for High-Definition (480p, 576p, 1080i, 720p), fluid video with built in line-doubling function.

Pricing and Availability

The V-332 is being introduced with a street price of $1,995. Availability is not yet known.

See press release below.

Ultralight 1200 lumen projector features a newly patented “Unplug & Go” feature

PLUS Vision Corporation of America, the leader in lightweight, mobile projector technology, today announces the innovative PLUS V-332. The projector is the next step in the evolution of PLUS Vision’s V series, the world’s smallest class of projectors. The 1200 lumen, XGA projector is the first to feature the newly patented Unplug & Go function and a new Iris Lens Cover design.

The Unplug & Go function allows the power cable to be unplugged immediately after use. The projector’s battery operated cooling fan will continue to run while the presenter is packing up. This feature is ideal for every sales or business person on the go.

PLUS has developed its own unique dial-type “Iris” lens cover that better protects the lens. The design makes it simple to remove and attach the lens cap, and eliminates the risk of losing it. The lens cover opens with a simple twist, making the projector more mobile and more convenient.

Designed with the sales person and business traveler in mind, the compact V-332 weighs less than 3 pounds. While small, the V-332 is packed with a high 1200 lumen brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio to project crisp, color-rich images.

The V-332 is a versatile and flexible mobile projector, which offers several operating modes. These are: Standard mode, which prioritizes brightness; Quick Color-Adjustment mode, which emphasizes superior color reproduction; and Eco mode, which saves power consumption and also lengthens the lamp lifetime by 30 percent.

The PLUS V-332 supports the latest in video standards, including 480p or 576p for progressive DVD, and 720p or 1080i for HDTV. Other key features are a built-in presentation timer, displaying the presenter’s remaining time, a full function credit card-type remote control and double security settings.

Pricing and Accessories

The V-332 is being introduced with a street price of $1,995. The projector ships standard with VGA and power cables, a full-function credit card remote control, and soft carrying case. The V-332 series comes standard with PLUS Vision’s 3-year all parts and labor warranty.