World Poker Tour Comes to Your Cell Phone

World Poker Tour Comes to Your Cell Phone


MFORMA and WPT Enterprises announced their World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em multiplayer poker game for mobile phones. The game is a spin off of the television show World Poker Tour (WPT) as seen on the Travel Channel. The company will set out to hold tournaments with prizes such as a trip to view a live taping or participation in WPT tournaments.

The game will feature a full graphic interface with side to side camera pans to follow the action. The game will be multiplayer and allow for up to 6 players at a table.

The game will be available next month in North America, followed by Europe and Asia at a further date.

See press release below.

LOS ANGELES – January 24, 2005 – MFORMA Group, Inc. and WPT Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq: WPTE), announced the release of World Poker Tour™ Texas Hold ‘Em, a new multiplayer mobile poker game that is coming soon to mobile phones everywhere and incorporates elements of World Poker Tour (WPT), the highest rated TV series in the history of the Travel Channel. World Poker Tour, one of the world’s leading poker brands, and MFORMA, the world leader in mobile entertainment, are collaborating to capitalize on the current poker phenomenon and the accelerating demand for casino-style mobile games. World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em features real-time, six-player capability. World Poker Tour, which reinvented poker as a televised spectator sport, will launch its third season on March 2, 2005 and airs every Wednesday at 9pm ET/PT on the Travel Channel.

“We set out to make the best mobile poker game and we are very pleased to be working with World Poker Tour to bring World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em to market,” said Scott Jensen, vice president, head of licensing and brand partnerships for MFORMA. “The World Poker Tour has vastly increased the audience for poker and this game, associated with the leading poker brand, delivers the most realistic poker environment in mobile. This game incorporates the style of the popular TV show and each of our WPT-branded applications will allow interaction with the show or WPT events through promotions, on-air commentary, tournaments, and prizes.”

World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em features superior graphics and a unique way of displaying the environment as the camera pans smoothly from side-to-side to follow the action. Gamers can play against five others at one time, simulating a real six-player-to-a table-game. Play against friends or foes and increase career chip counts or play in an online elimination tournament for prizes.

“The tournament play and weekly awarding of prizes will not only be fun, but will also keep users engaged on a continual basis,” said Audrey Kania, executive vice president of WPT Enterprises, Inc. “Our collaboration with MFORMA has yielded a very exciting mobile multiplayer poker experience and we are very pleased to see World Poker Tour go mobile.”

MFORMA and World Poker Tour are working closely together on marketing and are offering unique opportunities to maximize the user experience. Players can compete to win WPT-branded merchandise that will be awarded as prizes to winners every week. Unique grand prizes, such as trips to view a live taping or participate in a WPT televised tournament, will also be awarded. MFORMA and World Poker Tour will promote the prize offerings through many channels, including online and on-air marketing, and joint promotions with wireless operators.

World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em will be available beginning next month to leading wireless operators in North America, and then Europe and Asia.