Telus Mobility offers PTT to Canadians with Kyocera’s KX440

Telus Mobility offers PTT to Canadians with Kyocera’s KX440


Telus Mobility has introduced their first Push To Talk (PTT) service and handset to Canadians over their PCS digital network. The walkie talkie type service will allow instant communications with the push of a single button to other PTT handsets across Canada.

Instant Talk plans can be added to your Kyocera KX440 phone for another $10 a month if your current plan is $40 or more, or $20 a month if you are under $40. The KX440 will also run you $80 on a 3-year plan or $200 without.

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TELUS Mobility introduces Push To Talk service on its national PCS network

TELUS Mobility today announced Instant Talk, a new Push To Talk (PTT) service operating on the company’s national PCS digital wireless network. Like TELUS Mobility’s Mike network, Instant Talk allows clients to use their wireless phones to communicate with contacts across Canada at the push of a button, just like a walkie talkie.

TELUS Mobility also today announced the coming extension of Mike phone and PTT coverage from Canada and the United States into Mexico and South America later this quarter.

“Instant Talk and our Mike coverage expansion confirm TELUS Mobility’s position as Canada’s PTT leader,” said George Cope, president and CEO. “In the last decade, the powerful PTT capabilities of our Mike’s Direct Connect service have made it the wireless tool of choice for Canadian business. Instant Talk now allows PCS clients entry into the world of instant Push To Talk communications.”

National digital PTT service makes a mobile phone work like a walkie talkie. By pressing a single button, clients can communicate immediately with one or many contacts at once, saving time and money compared to regular wireless phone calls.

Instant Talk
Instant Talk, the newest PTT service from TELUS Mobility, lets clients Push To Talk throughout TELUS Mobility’s 1X PCS coverage area across Canada.

“Instant Talk has many of the capabilities of our more powerful Mike service, including instant contact and affordable rates. While Instant Talk is a lighter version of Mike’s Direct Connect, it allows clients to communicate faster than with any standard wireless phone in Canada,” said Cope.

Instant Talk service will be available with two new PTT-capable phones, the Kyocera KX440 and the Motorola V65p – both featuring a dedicated button on the side of the phone that allows clients to simply Push To Talk. Unlimited Instant Talk service is available as an add-on to most TELUS Mobility PCS rate plans. Clients with monthly rate plans over $40 can add Instant Talk for $10 while those with plans $40 and under can add Instant Talk for $20.

The Kyocera KX440 is a colour screen phone with integrated speakerphone, voice activated dialing and 2-way text messaging capability. It costs $79.99 on a three-year contract, or $199.99 for clients without contracts. The Motorola V65p, available later in Q1, is a compact metallic flip phone with a large colour screen, integrated speakerphone, voice activated dialing, dual LCD displays and 2-way text messaging. Pricing will be announced when the Motorola V65 phone is available.

Mike Expansion
TELUS Mobility also today announced that, in partnership with NII Holdings (formerly Nextel International), a mobile communications company for business clients in Latin America, it plans to launch Mike’s Direct Connect and phone service in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Peru in Q1. Last year, TELUS Mobility extended Mike’s Direct Connect service throughout the continental United States and Hawaii.

“Last year’s extension of Mike’s Direct Connect service across the United States was an immense benefit to our clients who travel to the US or have business colleagues located there,” said Cope. “Later this year, clients doing business in or with Mexico and South America’s largest countries will enjoy the same immediate contact advantages, from Burnaby, BC to Brasilia or Bedford, Nova Scotia to Buenos Aires.”