Intermec CN30 Rugged PDA with Active Pixel Sensor Scanner

Intermec CN30 Rugged PDA with Active Pixel Sensor Scanner


The CN30 from Intermec is an advanced handheld device running on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS. The 640 x 480 VGA display screen allows for easy viewing and navigation of your applications.

A built-in EV15 linear imager gives you incredibly quick and accurate barcode scanning thanks to the Active Pixel Sensor (APS) technology, it can also be converted to a gun style scanner with an optional attachment grip.

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Intermec’s New CN30 Changes the Face of Retail Mobile Computing

— Innovative modular design allows retailers to build the exact device they need, for lowest cost of ownership and drastically reduced down times

— Powerful system adapts easily to future requirements and technology enhancements for increased ROI

— ADC industry’s full-screen color display provides easy navigation for retail enterprise applications

Until now, retailers too often have been forced to rely on a variety of application-centric, proprietary technologies for their store operations and store management applications. The result has been a combination of mobile devices, operating systems and software development tools that have made it difficult, if not impossible, to reduce support and training costs. Intermec Technologies Corp.’s new modular CN30 mobile computer system changes all that.

The Intermec CN30, introduced today at the National Retail Federation show in New York, offers an entirely new approach to retail enterprise mobile computing, one that maximizes flexibility, increases return on investment and lowers investment and supporting costs. The CN30’s modular design allows users to easily build the device they need, delivering incomparable versatility in a standards-based common platform for all store management and operations applications.

At the core of the CN30 is its computing console — the common intelligence and display of the device — to which users add “modules” that differ in function, length and keyboard complexity according to intended purpose. Modules can be permanently attached, changed daily, or converted over time as applications and IT strategies evolve.

Available at launch are a 14-key module that transforms the CN30 into a “rugged PDA” with mostly graphic navigation, a full alphanumeric 56-key module for key-oriented applications such as terminal emulation for inventory management, and a universal pistol-grip handle with trigger for scanning. All keypad modules have a common look and feel and easily attach/detach with a secure latch. Once attached, the CN30 performs as a one-piece unit, surviving rough handling and exposure to dirt and moisture.

The ADC industry’s first full-screen, display’s 640 x 480 pixel high-resolution VGA color display provides easy navigation and optimal visibility for today’s most demanding retail application programs, whether traditional text-based emulations or fully graphic Web pages.

“The modular convertibility and competitive pricing of the CN30 means convenience and flexibility, as well as lower acquisition and total lifetime costs,” said Intermec Vice President Mike Colwell. “Retailers will require fewer units, since they can be reconfigured for seasonal deployments or store restructuring. And service expenditures, sparing costs and employee downtime are lowered by changing modules in the event of a failure instead of taking a whole unit out of service.”

The CN30 also features:

— Bright, one-touch backlight access and user-selectable ambient light control, making it possible to use the CN30 in all lighting environments, from brightly lit stores to backroom inventory locations.

— Intermec’s own EV15 linear imager, which uses state-of-the-art Active Pixel Sensor (APS) technology for snappy bar code scanning. Side scan buttons provide comfortable, natural scanning for both right- and left-handed employees when held in the palm. An optional handle provides gun-type, trigger-activated scanning convenience.

— High-performance, real-time wireless data communications via its Cisco Certified Extensions-compatible and Wi-Fi-certified 802.11b/g radio, which supports all 802.1x security standards. The CN30 also is Bluetooth compatible, making it possible to connect peripherals without wires or tethered cables.

— Voice communications via its integrated speaker and microphone or a headset connected either through the jack or the cordless Bluetooth interface, allowing store personnel to communicate from the store floor and to minimize time away from customers.

— Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system for efficiency, standards integration, state-of-the-art development tools, robust interfaces and support for a range of peripherals.

The CN30 uses Intermec’s SmartSystem, the ADC industry’s most comprehensive system for complete device management. With SmartSystem, installation, routine maintenance or application software updates, security adjustments and device settings can be performed automatically and managed remotely, dramatically reducing field downtime and increasing efficiency.

The CN30 will be available for order in Q2, for delivery in Q3. A suite of accessories is available for docking, charging and enhanced device protection.