Garmin’s New Aviation Solution: iQue 3600a PalmOS GPS

Garmin’s New Aviation Solution: iQue 3600a PalmOS GPS


Now this is what I’m talking about! Being a pilot myself and dealing with multiple charts, long flight planning, and always losing my sheets of paper I write my clearances on, this thing is perfect!

The device is basically a iQue 3600a (powered by PalmOS) with a sweet cradle which has a yoke mount. Full color charts provided by Jeppeson, including terrain clearance, navaids, towers, and roads for VFR. As for aviation related applications the iQue 3600a will have a built in E6B, Weight & Balance, and automatic route generation. Also, let’s not forget that the GPS is WAAS enabled for great accuracy of about 5 feet; perfect for approaches. Not only that, but it includes all the features of a normal Palm, MP3 player, memo pad, date book, address book, and more!

Pricing and Availability

The iQue 3600a will be available sometime this month for a price of $1099.00 US.

For more info, check out Garmin’s website.


* Powerful 200 MHz processor powering Palm Garnet
* Standard PIM applications: Address, Date Book, Memo Pad, To Do (all of which can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook), Calculator, and Palm Reader for e-books
* Internal memory: 96 MB of ROM for pre-installed data and applications; 64 MB of SDRAM for downloading Palm OS-compatible applications and map data from Garmin MapSource CDs
* Expandable memory: SD/MMC
* GPS receiver/antenna: 12 parallel channel WAAS receiver/ Flip-up integrated GPS patch antenna with remote antenna capability
* Aviation calculator applications: QueE6B and QueWeight & Balance
* GPS applications: Location awareness, electronic mapping, address lookup, automatic route generation, turn-by-turn directions with voice guidance, trip computer, tracklog, route avoidance, and Contact Locator (geocoding a location within the Address or Date Book applications)
* New and enhanced Que applications:
o QueMap: Displays a comprehensive set of mapping data, such as a basemap of North/South America; aviation navaids, airports and airspace; navigation arc overlay with configurable data fields; Sectional chart-like topographic data; and U.S. obstacles like towers and obstructions
o QueTerrain: Takes advantage of the topographic/obstacles database to alert the pilot of potential terrain conflicts within the proximity of the flight path using pop-up windows
o QueNav: Displays GPS-derived speed, altitude and guidance features in an aircraft panel format
o QueFlights: Keeps a record of flight time, mileage and start/end point as a digital logbook (also interfaces with Garmin’s PC-based FlightBook software
* Unit size (WxHxD): 2.8 ” x 5.0 ” x 0.8”
* Weight: 6.2 ounces with stylus
* Display: 320×480-pixel, transflective TFT display with 16 bit color
* Screen dimensions: 3.8” (diagonally)
* Rechargeable lithium ion battery/ Up to 9 hours of continuous use (at minimum backlight setting) and four weeks on standby